Here are links to my law firm website and my law firm blog site where you will find more interesting information.

Also, here is a link to the registry site for marital mediators, where you can find a marital mediator in your geographic area.

There are many resources for married couples on the web. Here are several of the best:

The Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation is an organization devoted to the promotion of mediation as a solution to family disputes. Laurie is a board member of MCFM and is a frequent contributor to its quarterly publication. Laurie Israel is co-founder with Matt Gross of, a registry and informational source for marital mediators and couples seeking ways to save or preserve their marriages.

The Association for Conflict Resolution and The New England Association for Conflict Resolution – ACR is a national organization that trains and educates professionals in the context of alternative dispute resolution techniques. – Everything Mediation – The major national site for mediators and writings about mediation

Find out more about collaborative law at The Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council and International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Many articles about how to strengthen a marriage and the problems of divorce can be found at

See John Gottman’s work at and the work of The Gottman Institute, in Seattle, Washington. Gottman believes one can tell whether a marriage will last or end in divorce by interviewing a couple and watching the martial interaction for only a few minutes. He has a number of programs for helping married couples that are available through workshops, DVDs and videos. There is much great material on his website.

Michele Weiner-Davis has an informative organization called Divorce Busting®. Her website is at This website has many useful materials on improving your marriage, including videos, tapes, CDs and books. Weiner-Davis is the marital therapist who maintains that “It takes only one to tango”, i.e., if only one party is willing to work on the marriage, changes can be initiated by that one party.

For more books on marriage and relationship techniques, see Books/Tapes.

Links to Other Mediation to Stay Married and Marriage Mediation Practitioners

Stephen M. Linsky (Newton)
Collaborative Law, Mediation, Arbitration

John A. Fiske (Cambridge)
Marital Mediation, Divorce Mediation, Family Mediation

Stephen McDonough (Norfolk)
Mediation, Collaborative Practice, Mediation to Stay Married

Shel J. Miller Ph.D (Brookline)
Collaborative Divorce Coaching, Parenting Coordination, Marital Counseling

Sanford Portnoy, PhD (Waban)
Divorce coach, Collaborative MHP Neutral

Gina Arons, PsyD (Lincoln)
Divorce coach, Collaborative MHP Neutral

Lee Brown (Cambridge, Ashby, MA, and Hancock, NH)
Marital Mediation, Divorce Mediation, Family Mediation

Susan K. Boardman, Ph.D. (Westport, Connecticut)
Marital Mediation, Couples Counseling, Communication Skills Training